Nikita Vasilyev

Jekyll on Amazon S3

This website runs on Jekyll and it’s deployed to Amazon S3. This is a guide on how I run development and staging environments, gzip and upload only modified files.

Two-Way Data Binding

Let’s build a temperature converter app in Backbone, React, Angular, Meteor and vanilla JavaScript.

CSS, Retina, and Physical Pixels

On retina screens CSS pixels don’t match device (physical) pixels. A device pixel ratio of 2 means one CSS pixel equals two device pixels. Here are few ways to draw a one-device-pixel border.

Focus Transition: Part 2

Focus transition

How to setup local hosts on Mac OS X

When I develop this website locally I use virtual host. is just ~/Sites/ on the file system.

You can achieve this by either using Pow or /etc/hosts and Apache.

The easy way: Pow


curl | sh


ln -s ~/Sites/ ~/.pow/n12v

Now serves index.html.

To serve a directory with a name different from “public”:

mkdir ~/.pow/usercss
ln -s ~/Sites/usercss/www ~/.pow/usercss/public

CSS transition from/to auto values

None of the browsers handle CSS transition from/to auto values correctly.

CSS transitions